[PD] Drawing in tables?

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Wed Jan 15 12:39:05 CET 2003

hi Martin,

Dupras, Martin wrote:
 > 2) in the arrays examples, there are some messages that can
 > be sent, such as sinesum and cosinesum, to fill a table.
 > Are there any others? I could not find any. If there aren't
 > any others why is that, is that from lack of need or

guess so...

 > because of a particular difficulty in implementing such
 > things? I'm thinking in particular that something like the
 > gen routines in Csound would be invaluable.

the saol wavetable generators, being more or less a subset of
Csound gens, are all in the 'vex_gen' Pd class from
not available without linux (or a compiler), though...

Krzysztof (not willing to maintain a project having no users out

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