[PD] syncgrain~ for windows

eskogen at usfamily.net eskogen at usfamily.net
Thu Jan 16 19:45:43 CET 2003

hi fellas,

i updated the syncgrain~ port at audionerd.com. i've had some crashiness when switching tables, but i'm looking into it. right now, it's just a debug build of the code direct. perhaps if i have some more time i'll see if i can optimize it.

i am a little confused on the operation though. i didn't actually look through the source code much yet (ha!) and i can't figure out how the pointer rate is proportional to the change in speed. for instance, i want a sample played at %50 speed, i would assume a value of 0.5. this does not hold true however. any notes?

for those of you in the minneapolis/st paul (MSP) area, i'm playing a set with PD thursday night. i'm predicting about 30 minutes of weird noises and technical problems. e-mail me for details.


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