[PD] some basic questions

Thomas Grill t.grill at gmx.net
Fri Jan 17 23:19:31 CET 2003

Hi all,
as i'm planning to develop a larger performance system on the basis of pd i
have a few questions which are not obvious to me.

1) is there a way to switch off dsp computing in a subpatcher only, and how?
(i think i should know that)

2) i remember a discussion thread about max-like poly (or even better -
poly~) objects a while ago... has there been any external code written in an
attempt to realize that?

3) is it guaranteed (or at least intended - and under which circumstances)
that - contrary to Max/MSP - opening a new patcher and adding objects to the
signal tree doesn't result in an overall crackle? At least in my experiments
i could open fairly complex and cpu-intense patches in PD without audio

4) i think to recall vaguely that there has been a project featuring a
tcl/tk-less pd patcher system (i think with GTK). If this is true, does that
still reside somewhere?

5) concerning the -nogui mode and (graphical) objects in loaded patchers -
are the tcl/tk commands still generated (and simply not sent over the
socket) or is this gui stuff omitted on a lower level (in order not to waste

6) have there been any attempts or progress in terms of runtime-configurable
audio settings (driver model, device id, sample rate, buffer sizes)?

7) has anyone tried to compile PD with CodeWarrior?

thank you for any pointers,
best greetings,


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