[PD] Importing mail list patches?

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sat Jan 18 22:27:51 CET 2003

david moss hat gesagt: // david moss wrote:

> I found a few example pd patches in the mail list archive in what
> looks like a raw text format, similar to when a max patch is saved
> as text. I copy and pasted the text into notepad (working on windoze
> currently!) and  I saved this file with the extension *.pd.
> Unfortunately when I try to open them in pd the file selector doesnt
> show them. 

You did right, it's what I do (on Linux) all the time. But I remember
from quick-editing html pages at work with Notepad, that this sh*ty
little program puts a ".txt" suffix on every file it edits. So you
could either: 
  a) use a real text editor like Vim (vim.org) or
  b) closely examine the saved file in the Explorer (with "show
  endings for known file types" or so turned ON) and rename it to

This should help.

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