[PD] PD on Ipaq linux (Familiar)

guenter geiger geiger at xdv.org
Wed Jan 22 12:00:36 CET 2003

On 21 Jan 2003, Marc [ISO-8859-1] Lavallée wrote:

> Le mar 21/01/2003 à 05:57, guenter geiger a écrit :
> > If you like I can put a more recent build on the ftp site. I did not
> > know that the tgz was broken, sorry.
> I would also like to play with this special version. Is the PDa.tgz
> archive similar to ipd.tgz? Would you please tell us more about pd on
> the iPaq? It is good enough for signal processing?
> --


I am planning to work more on PDa (thats the way I decided to name it
after all). I could not remember how I put the things on FTP, because
it was not thought as a release, but it is just there to share with
ppl who asked for it.

Well, cleaned it up a bit and now everything is in the iPaq directory:


The second one is the binary archive. You just have to unpack this on
your iPaq and run it.

Then go to Help->Pure Documentation and try one of the examples
(iosc.pd,ifm.pd, ...)

Well, thats whats there.

You can do signal processing, some oscillators, FM, etc.
256 point FFT/IFFT show 54% cpu usage.

For reading wav files there is sfread~.

So you are able to do some basic stuff.

For those who want to see whats there and do not have an iPaq,
just compile PDa.tgz on your linux system and take a look.

If you make an interesting patch with PDa, let me know, I would
be happy to include additional examples. (I recommend doing the
patch on your GNU/Linux system and transfer it to the iPaq, because
patching is a bit a pain on the small device, as you can imagine).



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