[PD] PD on Ipaq linux (Familiar)

guenter geiger geiger at xdv.org
Wed Jan 22 18:04:03 CET 2003

On 22 Jan 2003, Marc [ISO-8859-1] Lavallée wrote:
> Le mer 22/01/2003 à 06:00, guenter geiger a écrit :
> > ftp://xdv.org/pub/gige/iPaq/PDa.tgz
> > ftp://xdv.org/pub/gige/iPaq/PDa_armbin.tgz
> >
> > The second one is the binary archive. You just have to unpack this on
> > your iPaq and run it.
> Since I don't have an iPaq yet, I compiled PDa on my laptop.
> In the makefile.in I changed:
> GLIB = -L/skiff/local/arm-linux/lib/X11/ -lX11 @LIBS@
> to:
> GLIB = -L/usr/X11R6/lib -lX11 @LIBS@
> I imported the missing "extra" ... <snip>

The externals in extra won't work with PDa. Thats why it is not

> Questions:
> - Is it possible to compile PDa for the xscale processor?
Yes, but does run Linux on that ?
If not you would have to compile it fro WinCE.

> - What version of PD was used as a base for PDa?

I used 0.33 PATCH 1

> - Is there any guidelines on porting externals to PDa?

Yes, use integer math for signal processing, some macros are in
m_fixed.h. ( mult(a,b) instead of a*b,  idiv(a,b) instead of /, .... )

Use ftofix() in order to convert message parameters to fix point values
etc ..

If you get something to run, please report back.

> - How can I remove the tcl/tk window size limit?

change wm maxsize in ../bin/pd.tk

Have fun ...


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