[PD] dynamic destruction of objects

marius schebella marius.schebella at chello.at
Thu Jan 23 13:34:21 CET 2003

since we have the undo possibility now, maybe it is also easier to
destruct/cut objects. would be great to hear about a new feature, i do not
know about so far??? i searched the mailing-list-archieve and found some
discussion about this topic, but not a real answer.
in detail i am starting to create a (lets call it) step-sequencer and would
like to have the possibility of add/delete "channels" dynamically.
so i will have a bunch of messages which create the objects of the channel
(or simply a gop) but i also want to implement the possibility of deleting
them again...
so i know the name of the object(s), but also the object order-number (which
i already use for connecting) and for that i would like to use a message
like "destruct object 77" or "cut object channel5".
i ran into several problems using the commands find and cut,... first i
cannot send these in one message (the searching is to slow, so there need to
be a delay, which i have no guarantee, that is will work correctly) and
second the patch window is "blinking". which is ugly.
all alternative ideas are welcome!!!

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