[PD] reading directly from /dev/psaux

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Thu Jan 23 15:04:37 CET 2003

Chris McCormick schrieb:
> Has anyone got any suggestions for reading raw data from a PS/2 mouse on
> /dev/psaux into Pd? (without going through X) I've tried the ggee serial
> externals to no avail (strange results, maybe it's not a normal serial
> port?). If not I'll code my own external.

Because psaux mouses seem to be only able to be opened once, you might need
to use gpm for this. "man gpm" gives a hint here: 

       -R name
              Causes `gpm' to act as a repeater: any  mouse  data
              received  while in graphic mode will be produced on
              the fifo `/dev/gpmdata' in protocol name.  In prin­
              ciple,  you  can use the same names as for the `-t'
              option, although repeating into some protocols  may
              not  be  implemented for a while.  In addition, you
              can specify `raw' as the name, to repeat the  mouse
              data  byte  by  byte, without any protocol transla­
              tion.  If name is omitted, it  defaults  to  `msc'.
              Using gpm in repeater mode, you can configure the X
              server to use its fifo  as  a  mouse  device.  This
              option  is  useful for bus-mouse owners to override
              the single-open limitation. It is also an easy  way
              to  manage  those stupid dual-mode mice which force
              you to keep the middle button down  while  changing
              video  mode.  

Frank Barknecht

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