[PD] Tweaking audio settings

Søren Bovbjerg sb at cvmt.dk
Mon Jan 27 08:53:10 CET 2003

Come on! Somebody must know this :-)


> I just installed a Delta 410 card (like Delta 1010Lt but with fewer Ins) 
> and am using the latest ASLA driver. For the first time in several years 
> I need to tweak the audio settings when I run PD, otherwise I get 
> glitches (DAC blocked DIO errors and spikes in the sound).
> I have been experimenting with the options:
> -audiobuf
> -blocksize
> -frags
> -fragsize
> ...and found that -audiobuf with a setting about 100 works well. In my 
> book this should add a horrible latency, but I cannot notice it (I use a 
> graphical application of an exploding firework to trikker playback 
> though netsend, so I use 'visual' latency measurement).
> My question(s):
> 1) What does a audiobuf size of 100 mean in terms of latency (how many 
> samples or ms are we talking about here?)
> 2) What does the other audio settings mean?

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