[PD] PD signal graph

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Mon Jan 27 12:27:44 CET 2003

hi Thomas,

well, going dynamic is quite another story, but perhaps this might
be of some value to you anyway --

My impression is that the poly~ in msp maintains a separate dsp

In rabin~, I have taken a shortcut of fake-loading instances as if
they were regular abstractions -- and thus used the main dsp
chain.  The trick was to implicitly replace all inlet(~)s and
outlet(~)s with in(~)s and out(~)s, which were 'remotely'
connected to the main rabin~ object (hence the 'r' in the name,

There is some overhead price to pay for such a scheme, of course,
but apparently not as big as in the original poly~, which is
horribly inefficient.

The poly~ in msp does not support editing of an embedded
abstraction.  I have enabled this in rabin~.  No idea, though, how
this could be done if having a separate dsp chain.

I have not decided yet if maintaining a separate dsp chain is the
way to go for cyclone's poly~.  Maybe your project will serve as
a clue.  For the time being, the main stopping factor is Pd's
inability to create 'mixins', i.e. inlets (other than first)
accepting both signal and control connections.


Thomas Grill wrote:
>>Thomas, are you going to make a polyphonic instrument with real
>>dynamic voice (aka instance) allocation ala Csound, a super-poly~
>>we all dream of?
> Yes, i'll try to as soon as for the next performance all scores have been

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