[PD] Fw: [microsound] [ot] pd/osc emergency request

mik mprims at skynet.be
Mon Jan 27 12:53:30 CET 2003

Someone (ie aaa at zkrx.org) asked this on the microsound list:

Begin forwarded message:

Date: Mon, 27 Jan 2003 01:55:04 +0100
From: bltzr <aaa at zkrx.org>
To: microsound at hyperreal.org
Subject: [microsound] [ot] pd/osc emergency request


sorry for being so techy + off-topic, but if anyone knows, it would be 
very helpfull for me..

i'm using for the first time pure-data for a very simple purpose : i 
want to transmit data from max to pd via OSC to output it on the serial 
port of the PC.

i can't get how to 'build' the libosc.lib
that seems necessary to use the osc objects.

do i need some abstract (for me, at least...) visual c++ stuff?

thanx in advance


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