[PD] Bus Error on Mac OS X on quitting PD

Adam Lindsay atl at comp.lancs.ac.uk
Mon Jan 27 15:36:27 CET 2003

bbogart at ryerson.ca said this at Sun, 26 Jan 2003 12:37:20 -0500:

>Because PD is a tcl/tk application it has a "wish" (the tcl/tk
>interpreter) menu which goes to the top of the MAC screen as a normal Mac
>application. Now this is the menu ONLY for the interpreter, it does not
>know anything about PD running. To exit PD you need to use the menu on
>the top of the PD window itself, looks like a drop down box.. "file" ->


I second Ben's suggestion that at the least you should be using the File-
>Quit menu, and not Wish's quit, if you are having troubles.

>For the OSX developers will this wish dependance disapear so that only
>the PD menus are available?

I've been looking at the problem of building a self-contained executable
inside a Wish Shell on-and-off for a couple months. It seems possible,
but currently tricky (in the sense of a series of tricks--not
particularly difficult, I think). The Wish dependence isn't going away
unless Pd chooses a different interface from Tk.

>> But, 
>> the real trouble seems to be when quiting out of PD, and then 
>> restarting 
>> it, there appears to be a "loss" of MIDI connectivity, as Logic 
>> does not 
>> "hear" PD. Once I reboot the system, everything will connect fine. 
>> It 
>> also appears to be intermittant, as it has not happened everytime, 
>> but 
>> often enough to make me wonder if others are getting this, too.

Whenever I quit Pd, I get a status message of "FWADisposeMIDIStream
result =" something. Do you? What does your something say? Is it
different when you File->Quit Pd from when you kill Pd less gracefully?

I've also head of bus errors occurring due to poorly written MIDI device
drivers for MacOSX. Check on your interface's manufacturer...


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