[PD] Bus Error on Mac OS X on quitting PD

Michael McGonagle fndsnd at rcnchicago.com
Mon Jan 27 18:48:38 CET 2003

Adam Lindsay wrote:
> bbogart at ryerson.ca said this at Sun, 26 Jan 2003 12:37:20 -0500:
> Michael,
> I second Ben's suggestion that at the least you should be using the File-
>>Quit menu, and not Wish's quit, if you are having troubles.

Ok, I get it now, there are two quit menus... I didn't get any weird 
errors with either one of them, I will have to just play with it...

> Whenever I quit Pd, I get a status message of "FWADisposeMIDIStream
> result =" something. Do you? What does your something say? Is it
> different when you File->Quit Pd from when you kill Pd less gracefully?

Since I have tried the File->Quit, I get the same results on both (no 
crashes, yet though). I do also get the "FWAD..." message with a result 
of '1'.

> I've also head of bus errors occurring due to poorly written MIDI device
> drivers for MacOSX. Check on your interface's manufacturer...

It is strange that in the past day or two, I have not been seeing many 
of these bus errors, maybe I have not been running as many apps at once. 
I will try to load it up, and see if there is a memory problem (which I 
don't think, because I don't have any other apps that crash, and 'pd' 
only crashes when it quits... [on the wrong menu item???])


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