[PD] Universal Makefile for PD

bbogart at ryerson.ca bbogart at ryerson.ca
Tue Jan 28 01:15:00 CET 2003

Hello again Michael!

I think the Makefile that comes with the chaos externals pretty well covers non-audio externals for all supported platforms. (I've not looked at it in a while, I think I left in the IRIX stuff) For audio externals I'm not quite sure...

In terms of options I'm not sure if I could help you out either, They are just scripts that automate building, so the compile link etc.. I suppose there are any number of options, in terms of ordering, optimization etc.. basically all the same options you have compiling and linking on command line... 

Does that answer your question?


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From: Michael McGonagle <fndsnd at rcnchicago.com>
Date: Monday, January 27, 2003 2:04 pm
Subject: [PD] Universal Makefile for PD

> Hello all,
> I have been working with some externals for PD over the past few 
> days, 
> and having noticed that most makefiles do not have targets for Mac 
> OS X 
> (Darwin), it made me wonder if there is a "Universal" makefile 
> that 
> contains the needed code as a starting point for all externals.
> Is there some documentation on compiling externals? I have looked 
> at the 
> tutorial for externals at 'iem', but it does not get into any of 
> the 
> "compilation" things. Is there one way to compile an external? 
> What 
> sorts of options are there?
> Thanks,
> Mike
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