[OT] Re: [PD] command line question

Adam Lindsay atl at comp.lancs.ac.uk
Mon Jan 27 15:01:56 CET 2003

Hi Alex.

First off, do you have Apple's developer tools installed?
They are freely downloadable from https://connect.apple.com (registration

Alex from Idoia said this at Mon, 27 Jan 2003 11:30:44 +0000:

>I am on Mac OSX and I have been using the terminal for a couple of 
>months now as it is the only way to get pd to work.

It can be a pain to do, and cryptic, too, but I believe this is a
worthwhile skill to have.

>At the beginning I had some difficulties to install it and I have 
>simply downloaded the package version of pd+tk of Adma Lindsay which 
>installed everything for me. Now, I have a bit more knowledge of 
>terminal commands and as I have downloaded some externals from 
>pure-data.org, I wanted to try again to install them myself. I get 
>stuck to the particular commands where I have to type make clean then 
>make and finally make install.

'make' is a command that is installed with the developer tools.

>My terminal tells me 'command not found'. In any hope of discovering 
>something by myself, I noticed the Makefile file in some external' s 
>directories and try to type ./Makefile then I got the answer Permission 
>denied(as superuser).

The 'make' command looks for a file called 'Makefile' in the current
directory, and follows the instructions there. You get "Permission
denied" with './Makefile' because it is not an executable file, not
because you're not superuser.

> I understand that has more to do with OSX/Unix 
>language and less with pd itself, however I am sure many of you can 
>help to answer my newbie questions. Also any reference website to learn 
>a bit more about the command line will be most appreciated.
>Thanks a lot

I haven't seen the newly-published book personally, but I suspect
O'Reilly's "MacOSX in a Nutshell" will be an excellent guide to this sort
of thing.

good luck,

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