[PD] Pd and jack (again)

Thomas Grill t.grill at gmx.net
Tue Jan 28 15:53:25 CET 2003

> > a cleaner self-generation of patches, poly~, ...
> >
> Dont consider that important. Better to write your own externals.

It's important if one wants to move away from the visual top-in bottom-out
For many applications flexible polyphonic sound production is necessary and
I suggest to have a look at the SuperCollider language which has the ability
to create massively parallel patches, with fully dynamical voice
allocation - this is really impressing, but otoh the scripts can be quite
hard to comprehend.

That's why i'm developing dyn~ right now. It's a very simple approach to
dynamically manage all kinds of pd objects invisibly inside an external. It
can serve as a poly~ but also for other applications.

best greetings,

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