[PD] patchwindow-sizes

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Tue Jan 28 17:14:53 CET 2003

hi Marius,

it is ok here, so might be Windows-specific...

...well, just checked in 98 (have been building a new cyclone's
zip) and it is exactly what you describe.  No idea, though, who
would release a patched version for Windows (and who is willing
to tackle tcl/tk incompatibilities on that platform in the first


marius schebella wrote:
 > when i just open and save a pd-patch, the size changes.
 > i create and save an empty patch. when i look at it in textmode, it says.
 > #N canvas 0 0 452 302 10;
 > if i just open it and save it again, the patch changes to
 > #N canvas 0 0 454 304 10;

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