[PD] Object List (documentation question)

steven yi stevenyi at csounds.com
Tue Jan 28 19:02:08 CET 2003

hi all,

after the flurry of downloading externals yesterday and not having the
mind enough to remember what exactly was included in all of them, i was
looking to see if there was an object list.  however, i didn't find one.
and probably the usefulness of that would be limited, just knowing the
name of the object without any explanation.

now, for finding information about an object there's the help patch
system.  but what if you don't even remember the name of the object?

taking a look at the help documentation (the one from clicking help on
the canvas), i thought it a great memory jogger to see the one liners of
object names and a quick description.

i'll probably go ahead and edit my 0.INTRO.txt file to include a list of
all of the external objects to jog my own memory.  i was curious to ask
if others are doing the same or if there is another method people are
using to look up objects.  also, if this is deemed a good method, would
it be good practice to recommend externals writers to supply a oneliner
doc for their object?


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