[PD] Mac OS X and the -rt switch

Michael McGonagle fndsnd at rcnchicago.com
Wed Jan 29 03:15:59 CET 2003

Hello all,

I was just looking thru the commandline switch options and noticed that 
the -rt switch "needs root privledges". Well, if this is true, I did try 
a couple of examples (from Adam Lindsay, in conjunction with Paradiddle) 
that used the -rt switch, but it did not ask me for a password.

Does this just ignore the -rt switch? Or is it that because my user is 
the main (and only) user, does it automatically get root access? I am 
currently running my Mac with a "rootless" system (no password for 
root), and all the times I have entered a password for root, I end up 
entering my user password in its place. Do I need to "enable" my root 
user (give it a password) and run PD as root to get the best realtime 

Or, is the -rt switch even implemented on Mac OS X?



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