[PD] gem / pix_film

leo {depart} oel at depart.at
Wed Jan 29 14:37:55 CET 2003

hola everyone!

i'm using pd0.36/gem on winxp and have the following problem with pix_film:
when turned to "auto 1" everything runs smooth and satisfying. but as soon
i try to play the movie via the directframe input it starts to buck (not
hard, but visible)

to test i only have a "metro 40" and a counter (0-framecounter) connected to
the right inlet

- using "line" instead of "metro" and "counter" has the same result.
- pix_movie behaves the same as pix_film (in that manner)
- using different movie-codecs doesn't help either

has anyone experienced something similar? any ideas how to get rid of it?

thanks a lot


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