[PD] MIDI tools in PD

Michael McGonagle fndsnd at rcnchicago.com
Thu Jan 30 00:54:35 CET 2003


I have put together a system with an SL880 as the main keyboard 
controller, and as the "front panel" on the beast leaves a little to be 
desired (I got it for a good price and I like the keybed), I was hoping 
to create some tools in PD that would modify an incoming MIDI stream.

I am interested in working with alternate tunings, and as such would be 
interested in any tools for PD that would handle "on-the-fly" retuning 
of a MIDI stream. From what I have seen of other implementations, the 
MIDI stream needs to be split up into different channels, where each 
channel has a different pitch bend assigned to it (or they could be 
doled out in a round robin fashion). Anyway, the point is to translate 
the incoming MIDI, and based on the current tuning system selected, and 
produce a multi-channel MIDI stream with pitch bend info to effect the 

 From working with the program 'scala', the definitions it has for what 
it takes to create a "keyboard map" for a particular tuning system would 
be a good place to start. While this is not a complete description, the 
file contains info to define a range of MIDI notes to translate, the 
base reference MIDI note number, and the frequency that is produced by 
the base reference note. There are other things that allow the "removal" 
of keys from the MIDI stream that are not used in the particular 
keyboard map.



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