[PD] cyclone seq object...

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Thu Jan 30 13:52:16 CET 2003


Eddy wrote:
 > How come that when I try to load a .mid file into the seq object I get the

do not do that, sorry -- wait at least until "seq" is listed on a
web page, or, better still, until cyclone's release proper.

I think there is a "warning (seq): seq is not ready yet" posted to
the console?

 > message "pd: getbytes() out of memory" ?

no clue why.  If you really need seq, would you help me with some
more info, like: does it record? does it load text files? does it
read self-saved midi files? does _any_ midi file swallow all
memory (if not, would you be willing to post me an offending one,
privately)? are you on a big-endian system (mac)?


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