[PD] alias.mine file for OSX

Adam Lindsay atl at comp.lancs.ac.uk
Thu Jan 30 15:54:24 CET 2003

Alex from Idoia said this at Thu, 30 Jan 2003 13:49:52 +0000:

>In the pd doc, is said that we can create an alias for pd to  avoid to 
>type the complete path everytime we open a terminal window. It is also 
>said to add the alias command line in the ~/.tcshrc file to keep track 
>of the alias for further uses.
>Is that something to do with an alias.mine file ? How to create a such 
>file ? I could not find the ~/.tcshrc.

   You can create such a file by opening the terminal, and typing:

pico ~/.tcshrc

   and then once you are in the editor, by typing:

alias pd '/usr/local/pd/bin/pd'
# and/or
set path = ( "/usr/local/pd/bin" $path )

   Close the file with Ctrl-x, answering the question with 'y', 
   and accepting the filename with 'RETURN'.
   While you're at it, you can create a .pdrc file, by typing:

pico ~/.pdrc

   and again, once in the editor, enter some useful stuff like:

-path ~/Library/pd
-path /Library/pd
-path /usr/local/pd/extra

   Again close the file by keying Ctrl-x y RETURN.

   You won't be able to see these files in the finder normally,
   nor will you be able to create them using a normal MacOSX GUI-
   driven app, since these are "hidden" files.

   I hope that these instructions are clear enough to get you started. 
   More information on these "dotfiles" (and a more complex but 
   "correct" way of setting up this configuration) are available 
   in the terminal by typing:

more /usr/share/tcsh/examples/README

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