[PD] alias.mine file for OSX

Michael McGonagle fndsnd at rcnchicago.com
Thu Jan 30 16:28:09 CET 2003

Alex from Idoia wrote:
> Hello,
> In the pd doc, is said that we can create an alias for pd to  avoid to 
> type the complete path everytime we open a terminal window. It is also 
> said to add the alias command line in the ~/.tcshrc file to keep track 
> of the alias for further uses.
> Is that something to do with an alias.mine file ? How to create a such 
> file ? I could not find the ~/.tcshrc.

Alex, by default you will not see the files that start with a '.' on the 
Mac, they are considered "system" files and thus hidden from the user. 
If you want to see if it is really there or not, type 'ls .tcshrc' if 
you get the name of the file back, then it is there. If not, you will 
have to create one. It is just a text file, open your favorite editor 
and put (or add if it is there) the following inside...

alias pd /path/to/your/pd

Also, if you plan to run this in real time (with the -rt switch in pd), 
you will probably want to run it with 'sudo'. This will give you better 
performance, as pd will have root privledges. So, if you are doing this, 
you will have to create another alias for this:

alias rtpd sudo /path/to/your/pd

The reason you can't just run it as:

sudo pd

is because 'pd' is defined as an alias, and the commandline for 'sudo' 
won't expand this alias.

So, now when you want to run plain pd, just type 'pd' or if you want to 
run the root-enabled version, type 'rtpd'. Any additional options that 
you type on these commandline should also be passed to the program.

Hope this helps,


> Thanks
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