[PD] 'cvs update' flatom.cpp

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Thu Jan 30 17:18:29 CET 2003

david casal hat gesagt: // david casal wrote:

> I'm still getting this when trying cvs update for the externals tree:
> cvs server: Updating grill/flext/source
> P grill/flext/source/flatom.cpp
> cvs [update aborted]: cannot open flatom.cpp: Permission denied
> It goes about updatinmost stuff, but halts on that note...has anyone else
> experienced this?
I checked now (deleted flatom, cvs update) and all went fine: I got a
new one. Maybe the persmission on your side have gone wrong? What does
"ls -l flatom.cpp" say?

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