[PD] Mac OS X and the -rt switch

delire delire at selectparks.net
Fri Jan 31 04:09:32 CET 2003

lol that's funny.. i think there's an 'enable root' [or similar] function that mac kindly supplies.. then from there you can change the privedges available to you as <user> from the term, which i would seriously advise doing.. in this way you won't accidently *totally destroy* your system during day-to-day operations as <user>. eg with a typo like 'rm -fr /' [don't try that] . . 

apple are a weird bunch ;)

julian oliver

On Wed, 29 Jan 2003 10:26:59 +0100
"Thomas Grill" <t.grill at gmx.net> wrote:

//> I was just looking thru the commandline switch options and noticed that
//> the -rt switch "needs root privledges". Well, if this is true, I did try
//> a couple of examples (from Adam Lindsay, in conjunction with Paradiddle)
//> that used the -rt switch, but it did not ask me for a password.
//Well, it's just guessing, but doesn't the default user under OSX have root
//privileges anyhow (even if she/he is not "root")?
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