[PD] Clipping Detector

matthew jones M.Jones at signal.qinetiq.com
Mon Feb 3 13:37:31 CET 2003

> There's [>~] (in Zexy, I guess)

does this not output an audio signal type?  I need it to output a (data
type) 1 or bang when the input signal==1, else not send anything at all...
sorry, I know this is childsplay really, I just haven't learnt how to do
externals yet.

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> Hallo,
> matthew jones hat gesagt: // matthew jones wrote:
> > Has anyone done a simple patch that detects whether an audio signal is
> > clipping (ie signal contains ones)?  I could do it with sigzero with
> > arithmetic messing around beforehand, or then again I could do it
> > lazy, I suppose.
> ciao
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