[PD] writesf~: 96kHz/24bit to 44.1k/16bit?

smoerk smoerk at gmx.de
Thu Feb 6 12:24:04 CET 2003

writesf always uses 16bit and writes a 44.1khz (also if it's the wrong 
sample rate). i had once the impression that you can really hear the 
conversion from 32bit to 16bit and i also would like to record a 24bit 
or 32bit file, but nobody fixed writesf since i asked 2 month ago. seems 
that none of the developers is interested to get a decent audio quality 
when recording ;-).

David McCallum wrote:
>         I'm using Pd on WinXP with an M-Audio Quattro, ASIO at 
> 96kHz/24Bit. That all seems to work fine. But when I use writesf~ and 
> open the written files in Soundforge they're 44.1kHz/16bit. I wouldn't 
> mind so much about the sampling rate because I could speed it up to 96, 
> but it looks like I lose the bit depth that I was working with.
>         It doesn't look like writesf~ has any options to change the 
> bitrate that it writes at. Is there a way to write 96kHz/24Bit files? Am 
> I missing something? Is there another external (in windows) that can do 
> this?

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