[PD] pd on xbox-linux

Johannes Taelman johannes.taelman at rug.ac.be
Thu Feb 6 16:36:00 CET 2003

> it is a good linux box. audio card is comparable to a slightly disabled
sblive [though
>pumped for M$ EAX]. though as johannes notes, an external usb snd-card is
the way to
>go. take the case off and you have a rackmountable 733+MHZ dvd playing PC
with a
>great GL capable [GEM] card [once i can get hw accelleration wking]
+whatever hdd for
>$EU200. seems to be a 64mb ram limit [unless happy about soldering in new
ram] and
>haven't worked out the tvout to vga thing yet.

I wouldn't remove the case, it's an integrated wind-tunnel design. It can
become unstable if the wind-tunnel is removed. But it looks like it almost
fits in 2 rack units by just putting it on a rackshelf in its case.

> checking linux for ps2 when they get around to sending me the dev kit.

AFAIK the PlayStation linux is using virtualized hardware, and its system
architecture is only powerfull when you make use of its specific
capabilities (emotion engine processor). The Xbox is almost completely
generic (but partially mutated) hardware. Keep us posted about how the PS2
works out!


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