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Pall Thayer pall at fa.is
Sat Feb 8 21:45:30 CET 2003

Hey, I've been experiencing a similar problem. I had two patches running 
with -nogui both had netreceives and both were streaming mp3 and both 
were running at about 1.5 % cpu each. But as soon as I added a third 
patch the cpu load skyrockets to about 60%. Sometimes it's just one of 
the patches running at about 55% and sometimes it seems to be 
distributed between the three patches and each of them shows about 15 - 
20%. Really weird. I've also tried various combinations of the patches 
to see if one of them is the problem but it doesn't matter which two of 
the three run together, they just use 1.5% each but as soon as I add a 
third, it goes up to 50 - 60%. Another strange thing is that I tried 
running all three on another, similar machine with the exact same setup 
and there, all three ran at only about 0.9% each.

This is using pd 36 on redhat 7.3, 600mhz celeron
The patches are pretty basic, they all use netreceive, route, 
delread/write~,mp3cast~ and buzz~. Aside from that it's just osc~ and 
phasor~ stuff.

If there's some way to resolve the problem I'd love to hear it.


On Laugardagur, febrúar 8, 2003, at 05:40 , Yves Degoyon wrote:

> may be an object with a memory leak ??
> ( what's the size of the process when f... up ? )
> sevy/yves
> august wrote:
> I've been using -nogui -rt under linux without anyproblems. I'm doing
> Gem stuff though, and my patch is very complex and so I'm not suprised
> it uses 96% CPU on my 700Mhz. I'm also using 36... I do have netsends
> and netreceives in the patch...
> just to add, I also have pd -nogui running on a server.  it does some
> mp3streaming and other things with OSC.   no netreceives, though.  been
> running for months now.
> top says this:
> 28903 root      15   0  5260 5256  1256 S    14,8  1,0  4405m pd
> 28901 root      15   0  5260 5256  1256 R     2,7  1,0  1082m pd
> curious problem.   -august.
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