[PD] MIDI controller question

Matthew Allen matthew at lith.com
Mon Feb 10 19:03:08 CET 2003

I actually had the same problem, And couldn't find a work around in pd.

What I ended up doing is having the 16 buttons send notes I normally don't
use (note #s 111 to 127) and setting up a small abstraction that converts
the note on and note off for these guys to just a labeled on and off value.
I just needed them to trigger things, so the whole toggle bit I never really
dealt with.


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> I have a feeling this question is more general
> than specific to a piece of hardware, so here goes...
> I've checked all the peavey documentation...
> Is there a certain way that PD recognizes MIDI/HEX data,
> so that I could have each button toggle between, say,
> 0 and 1, and thusly trigger a toggle button?
> I hope I explained that properly?! ;)

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