[PD] Pd>midi

Derek Holzer derek at x-i.net
Mon Feb 10 19:06:03 CET 2003


i think the problem in the email you are referring to is a
hardware/confgiuration problem. i use a Hammerfall under Win2000Pro, with very
large buffer settings even, and notice no appreciable lag or latency in my MIDI
controller messages [from Doepfer pocket controller]. but that is a
Hammerfall... maybe some other MIDI in/out device would do it different. 

one thing we don't know wanything about is the machine in question. RME has an
advisory about USB MIDI in the technical section of their site, warning away
from it in certain motherboard/chipset combinations. so, more info is needed to
settle that particular problem.

in general, PD MIDI shouldn't be any problem at all, as long as your hardware is
sorted out proper.


Quoting Ken <renueden at earthlink.net>:

> Are you saying that you/we cannot play pd synths in real-time with a midi
> controller?  I'm just getting around to installing pd for curiousity coming
> from the Csound camp, but my plans were/are to set up real-time playable
> midi machines.   Is this possible in pd or am I misunderstanding?
> Thanks,


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