[PD] PD usability

Marc Lavallée odradek at videotron.ca
Wed Feb 12 23:37:17 CET 2003

Le mer 12/02/2003 à 16:59, mark a écrit :

> Sorry to be blunt about this but I did say I had my day job hat on. :-)

I actually resigned from a well paid job in a university center because
I was unable to bring artists to use free software and be more
responsible. I had to manage a bunch of projects, buy computers and
softwares, and program "art". It was a stupid and impossible mandate,
because artists (especially students) must do their own stuff, not
always rely on programmers to hold the mouse for them. Of course, most
artists were asking for Macs/Max/MSP/Jitter, leaving little money for
anything else, including humain brain juice.

So for me, a "better" PD would have been cool. I won't accept such a job
unless artists agrees to change their tools and their attitude toward
technology. But we need to help them a little bit, or I might never work
with them again.


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