[PD] PD usability

d dieb13 at klingt.org
Thu Feb 13 13:24:48 CET 2003

mark wrote:
> Unix users don't mind 'apt-get install pd'. Windows users 
> in general will get put out by anything other than setup.exe.

i think a lot of windows users are used to quite obscure installers - 
think of all the cracked audiosoftware many windows-people use. it's not 
easier to find and enter a serialnumber than to type "apt-get install" 
or "rpm -i" in a shell. this is a matter of different cultures not 
skills. even macOs users can learn how to open a terminal window.

> Installing externals requires command lines or editing batch files
> - again unacceptable to a lot of users. 
> I am not saying that PD is not useable to its current users - what it 
> is not is a PRODUCT. which is what would be needed to broaden its 
> user base...

yes pd is not a PRODUCT, and you can't get this shiny 8-cd box (plus 2 
FREE test-cds) of pd in the store around the corner. the question is: 
"who wants to make pd a PRODUCT?" and who wants to to marketing and 
professional documentation&support for it?

i'm not saying pd is just perfect as it is. there's still a lot of 
useability-features to improve, but it's a good piece of software with a 
strong and growing community behind it.
... and its still a programming-language, so it can't be a goal to make 
all realplayer-users use pd instead.

just my $.2

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