[PD] samples

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Thu Feb 13 18:52:08 CET 2003

Miller Puckette wrote:
> What I would do is simply record to a nice, long sample, but then control
> the length of _playback_.  This can depend on, for instance, the output of
> a timer that you use while recording to measure the length you'll
> actually want... plus, when you hear the output, you can still adjust the
> length.

I think, it might be worth to try to record to a temporary file with
writesf~ and then readsf~ it again. I don't now, how well this would work
in a live situation, though. But writesf~ is threaded, so it might work.
At least this solution would be quite flexible.

Frank Barknecht 

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