[PD] compiling osx externals / usability

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Thu Feb 13 20:41:21 CET 2003

david casal hat gesagt: // david casal wrote:
> Is there -any- chance that people who made 'cxc' and 'rhythm_estimator'
> might take a look at their makefiles to make them more osx friendly (yup,
> I realise people have lives)?

I didn't write these, but I wrote some other externals that don't have
OS-X makefiles and not even W32-makefiles. To me, the problem is
simply access to those machines. I could get a hand at Win 2000 and
OS-X machines at work, but there I don't have the time to install a
development environment. 

This is why my externals come with Linux-only makefiles. There's not
much I can do about it if I don't want to include totally untested
makefiles written by guessing. But I welcome anyone to commit their
W32 and OS-X makefiles into my CVS-directory on sf.net.

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