[PD] gripd was: PD usability

Christian Klippel ck at mamalala.de
Sun Feb 16 08:51:07 CET 2003


Am Samstag, 15. Februar 2003 22:11 schrieb Michal Seta:
> ou get those usually in preferences dialog boxes in various apps (hmm... I
> don't have any examples off hand...  OpenOffice has it I think).
> cheers
> ./MiS

yes, under windows for example in the screen configuration (right-click on 
empty desktop, setup, ....).

there you have one window with serveral tabs like resolution, fonts or 
advanced display settings .....

in max os-x for example the network tool box, where you have ping on one tab, 
traceroute on another and so on.

on linux most config dialogs in the kde config panel are tabbed.

ah, or the tool-palettes in photoshop are tabbed as well, and there they 
(adobe) have a software patent on it.



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