[PD] Compiling externs with gcc/mingw

Søren Bovbjerg bovbjerg at musik.auc.dk
Thu Feb 20 20:17:53 CET 2003

>Can you build a standard windows DLL with mingw ?

Yes you can :-P
I am using DEV-C++ and it can do all the setup stuff reqired to make a DLL.
(It uses mingw for compiling).

>Maybe you need a postprocessing tool that converts your
>mingw object file into a proper windows DLL.

There are some tools called dllwrap and dlltool that will create a DLL for
you. You can add options to the compiler that creates a .DEF file which can
be combined with the object file into a DLL. In this .DEF file I can
actually see the exported fuction's name (foo_setup), but the funciton
doesn't seem to be available to PD.

Could it be that the DLL is not binary compatible in some way?

Well, I'll keep digging.


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