[PD] Pd with 2 soundcards (Linux/Alsa)

Josh Steiner joschi at eds.org
Fri Feb 21 21:11:24 CET 2003

pd will happily use several devices, its been talked about at length on 
the list (search the archives if you need more info) ... the only 
drawback is that different cards do not sync with each other and they 
can empty their buffers at slightly different rates, so sometimes you 
get clicks because one of the cards buffers has run empty.  not 
recommended for hifi situation.  why not get a multichannel card like 
the Midiman USB Quattro?  I just bought one and am loving it.

Frank Barknecht wrote:

>I'd like to dj with my shiny new laptop and Pd. The laptop has a
>crappy intel_810 onboard chip and will get a quality USB stereo
>external box this weekend (probably the Edirol UA-20, any comments?)
>to work with ALSA. 
>While dj'ing, I thought of using the onboard chip to prelisten tracks,
>and use the USB for the audience. Now I wonder, if anyone already did
>something like that and if it would be technically possible at all. 
>I was thinking of an ~/.asoundrc setup as described on 
>Can Pd use such a multi-device? Or how would you dj with Pd? 

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