[PD] csound~

steven yi stevenyi at csounds.com
Fri Feb 21 21:28:45 CET 2003

I used csound~ recently with and Istvan build and it worked, though
sometimes if the csound process ended I couldn't start another csound
process.  And I would have to restart PD before getting csound~ to
function again.  

But when I did get it working it pretty darn cool.  If you'd like I can
do some testing with it for you and send you bug reports.

And because I'm not sure I ever said so, thanks very much for creating
the object!


On Fri, 2003-02-21 at 10:20, stefan kersten wrote:
> CK wrote:
> > does anyone work with csound~ and istvan vargas latest version ?
> > I get lot's of <alt><sysrq><e> type of hangs and there are some
> > other problems.
> i haven't used csound for a while, and i lost track of the
> various available (un)official linux versions, but i heard
> istvan dicontinued development on csound? is there a csound
> version i can download and work with? what's the status of
> icsound?
> have other csounders used csound~ lately?
> > Is there an official URL for the latest version ?
> it's available at
>  http://www.cs.tu-berlin.de/~kerstens/pub
> and probably at orm's site, too.
> i'm willing to iron out any problems with up-to-date csound
> versions, please send bug reports!
> <sk>
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