[PD] timecode reading

marco zinz pd1 at djsors.com
Sun Feb 23 16:09:00 CET 2003


i am currently working on a patch and therefor need to be able to read
timecode. this can either be smpte timecode or a different one i.e. one
developed by stanton, also audio based, that is much quicker to
synchronise and also backwards readable.
does anyone have a clue how to analyse the audio stream in order to
resolve the timecode information, especially if i don't know the exact
structure of the timecode, as it is the case with the stanton timecode.
i could provide a download with an example of it.
or does anyone have an idea how to generate a timecode that is backwards
readable as well as containing absolute time code, and still possible to
decode within pd?
i'd really appreciate any help.
thanks in advance


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