[PD] GOP scaling

oliver oliver at klingt.org
Sun Feb 23 19:34:52 CET 2003

hi, list...

don't know if this is already known, but "graph-on-parent"-scaling-problem's have been on the list quite a few times and i recently 
made this discovery:

to get the GUI objects in the GOP-abstraction the same way you organized them in your "parent's patch" you have to edit the patch 
with a text-editor by hand. the trick is that the first line (#N canvas...) and the last line (X# coords ...) got to have the same XY 
values. (usually they don't do; also because a patch, when saved within pd seems to add 2 pixels in the canvas coordinates if you 
watch them in a text-editor)

so , as an example, if the parent patch looks like:

#N canvas 0 0 700 78 10;
#X coords 0 0 1 1 700 78 1;

it will display the GUI-objects right.

hope this wasn't common knowledge (thanks to parasitäre kapazitäten for the hints...)


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