[PD] pd messages: cut

Peter Lunden plu at tii.se
Thu Feb 27 18:34:27 CET 2003

I'm using canvas messages as a work around for a missing delete message. 
I have a canvas that acts as a container of object and I like to add and 
remove object dynamicly. It is very anoying that I must keep the window 
open to be able do remove objects.

For me the best solution would be to have a delete message where you 
reference objects like in the connection message, the second best 
solution is to be able to remove objects using the cut message while the 
window is closed. Why can't the cut message be used when the window is 

--Peter Lunden

David McCallum wrote:

>         I was playing around with Pd's internal messages and found 
> that the "cut" command only works when the window is visible. So if 
> you issue a cut command to a closed subpatch it won't actually cut 
> anything, but "clear" works just fine.
>         I wasn't sure if this was a feature or a bug... anyone?
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