[PD] readanysf~ almost beta

Thomas Grill t.grill at gmx.net
Mon Apr 14 19:10:24 CEST 2003

Hi August,
i don't know what your specific problem is with flext threading, so i tried
to compile your package.
It's a but difficult for me since it's apparently linux only, but i'll give
it a try nonetheless.

However, there's one interesting thing and i'm really surprised that it
works for you at all....

Have a look at:

void readanysf::m_signal(int n, float *const *in, float *const *out)
        float *outs1  = out[0];
        float *outs2  = out[1];

 if (state == STATE_STREAM) {

   float buf[n*2]; // always multiply by the number of audio signal outlets


n is not constant since it's a function argument, and you try to reserve an
array of float with that.
Amazing that your compiler digests that (mine doesn't) ... it's definitely
not C++ as i know it.
It may be better (or more portable at least) to use the flext m_dsp virtual
function which is called on every dsp on/off to reserve your buffer with

Please note that you can use flext without its threading functionality and
build your own stuff with pthreads as usual.
Anyway, i'll have a look at it.


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> 'ncase anyone is interested.  ongoing work with this external.  basically,
> I use pd for various things and need a similar interface to different
> filetypes.
> an almost beta version is at:
> http://aug.ment.org/software/readanysf~0.05.tar.gz
> the only known bug at the moment is that if you try and remove one of the
> readanysf~ objects from the canvas, something is likely to explode.
> this has something to do with how flext handles threading, i think, but am
> not sure.
> is there something like a pthreads_join in flext?  i think that would
> help.
> ShouldExit() and StopThreads() simply doesnt do it for me.
> features:
> pcm and time seeking
> looping (internally and should be sample accurate)
> plays  aiff, wav, nextstep (same code as readsf~ with 16,24
> and 32bit float support) plus vorbis and mp3 (using madlib)
> near future:
> add flac support (anyone have a good simple flac code?)
> conifigure and make scripts
> distant future:
> http streaming (perhaps)
> convert to pure c++ without flext if i cant get flext to work
> with the threading.  would be a shame.
> any suggestions?  -tsugua.
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