[PD] readanysf~ almost beta

august august at alien.mur.at
Mon Apr 14 19:26:47 CEST 2003

> It's a but difficult for me since it's apparently linux only, but i'll give
> it a try nonetheless.

yeah, sorry.  never compiled anything under windows.  if you do get it to
compile, can you send me patches and a makefile?

> However, there's one interesting thing and i'm really surprised that it
> works for you at all....
>    float buf[n*2]; // always multiply by the number of audio signal outlets

> n is not constant since it's a function argument, and you try to reserve an
> array of float with that.
> Amazing that your compiler digests that (mine doesn't) ... it's definitely
> not C++ as i know it.

im not sure, but i think it treats the float[] kindof like a new() call.

but, as you can see, I learned to program from a Sams "teach yourself C++
in 21days".   it took a bit longer than 21 days and i skipped  alot of

> It may be better (or more portable at least) to use the flext m_dsp virtual
> function which is called on every dsp on/off to reserve your buffer with
> new.

ok, looking at fftease now to see how you use it.  should make it a bit
faster too.

> Please note that you can use flext without its threading functionality and
> build your own stuff with pthreads as usual.
> Anyway, i'll have a look at it.

I would hate to do that, cause that would make it *nix specific and sort
of defeat the purpose of having the flext lib in between.  

thanks for the support - august.

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