[PD] pdp_i freezes or sometimes segfaults

Rama rama at xicnet.com
Wed Apr 16 04:19:21 CEST 2003

Hi list! 

I've been trying to use pdp_i and pdp_o to do pd2pd pdp(a/v?) streaming.

using help_pdp_streaming.pd without touching anything inside the patch
and using a quicktime movie I usually work with into pdp (which works
perfectly) it sometimes gets stuck displaying "too much
input...resetting" at the console.

(a lot of information below to help debug it, I hope)

if I open this example patch on another machine and change it on the
first to send the stream through the network, sometimes the same things
happens but much more soon, and always when this message begins to
appear the image gets frozen (no audio tests yet). sometimes it crashes
with a segmentation fault.

pd version: 0.36.cvs-9 (debian sid/demudi)
pidip & pdp: 0.10.1 (about to try .11 in a while)

same setup for both boxes

i've tried playing with the settings for pdp_o (changing the framerate
to 12, 24, 10, 25, and some others, and also smoothing factor between 0
and 5. but same synptoms occurr.

I've been trying to check pdp_i.c with Guenter, and tried commenting out
the two lines (207 and 208) below the post of the "too much input...."
message, but it seems to continue working strange.

has anyone tried with this stuff?

I hope this can help debug a bit further. I guess there are some out
there that can do better ;-) tell me if I can do any other checks, or
help debug it somehow.

many thanks,
see you around
Rama <rama at xicnet.com>

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