[PD] Re:[OT] How do your performance environments looks like?

vanDongen-Gilcher gml at xs4all.nl
Fri Apr 18 12:12:50 CEST 2003

Hans-Christoph Steiner said at "Re: [PD] Re:[OT] How do your performance 
environments looks like?."r[2003/04/18 02:06]

> The mapping of the joystick forces is what I am still struggling with.  So
> far I have only really thought of things like making the force get
> higher as the pitch higher, or making small notches of resistance
> representing the borders between changes in parameters.  But this seems
> too literal, and basically just an emulation of a knob with
> detents.  There must be more useful mappings, that's what I am struggling
> with.

One of the ones I like to use is a spring with a deadband, but the forces 
reversed. So, assuming the "detent" is in the center, you can hold it there 
easily, but if you move a little bit away you will be pulled to the edge. 
Operating a control like this is sort of balancing a broomstick on a 
finger. Maybe the width of the deadband could vary with pitch.
Not sure if the idea is useful for you.

I think that simple mappings can be good too though. F.i. if you control 
more than one instrument with the same joystick, changing the simple haptic 
"map" makes it easy to know which one you are currently controlling without 
looking at the screen.


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