[PD] rme 9636 - installation problems

philipp megabrain at gmx.ch
Sat Apr 19 04:39:50 CEST 2003


i try to bring to work a rme hammerfall 9636 pci-card on debian but without

each time I want to start pd i got a system freeze also when I start pd as
user (not root) !!!

- debian linux 2.4.18bf2.4 on pentium III
- no alsa installed
- pd 0.36-test9 compiled without alsa and without rme support.
   works fine when started with '-noaudio -nomidi'

- installed Günther Geigers rme96xx driver


Module      Size        Used by
3c59x       24616       1
rme96xx     12556       1
soundcore   3204        2 [rme96xx]
apm         9116        1

maybe somebody can give me some advice what I have to change or check out.

Is there a way to test the driver and the card without pd? the mixer does
not recognize the soundcard.

rmectrl is working but when I try to open it asking for status it can't open
the mixer: 'mixer device /dev/mixer1 opening device failed'

xrmectrl does not work! (Error in startup script: child process exited
abnormally while executing ...)

thanx a lot for any help

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