[PD] Re:[OT] How do your performance environments looks like?

kiilo gelb_ at web.de
Sat Apr 19 12:06:29 CEST 2003

Wow what a thread :o)

sombody had a "teremin" (sorry for misspelling) when i was helping for
a concert in sprengel-musseum in hannover ... it was an orginal rebuild
of the model from the twenties ... but i get the feeling, this instrument
is very difficult to control ... it responds to every magnetic field
in the room - in our days electrosmoog is dimensions more dense ...

but why not ... it is intressting to listen and it even play without a
usualy too  :o)

for instruments building i think there are two poles, one is imitating known
instruments haptic behavior (midi converter for git. etc ...) and on the
end invitation of complet new instruments like the theremin ...

where do you want your force feedback joystic? why not making music
with a motorcycle? ;o)

and this in this "compiler-error lib"-list  ;o)

greets +

> > > http://mccormick.cx/gfx/digital%20theremin%20(small%20pic).jpg

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