[PD] Gem composite

bbogart at ryerson.ca bbogart at ryerson.ca
Tue Apr 22 18:49:50 CEST 2003

If you have an accelerated graphics card I found the best way to mix video is with two objects.

One video on one square, the other video on the other, then change the alpha value of the square in front to mix. Works very well, very smooth. 

you can also use ortho to remove the perspective.

good luck.

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From: Pixelcorrection at wmconnect.com
Date: Tuesday, April 22, 2003 4:01 am
Subject: [PD] Gem composite

> I wamt to mix two videos.  Does the composite object accept video? 
> If so how 
> do you format the data?
> I have had the experience mixing video with an analog mixer, and 
> wanted to 
> try to use Gem the same way?
> is it possible to use the puzzle object with video?  What is the 
> difference 
> between the data types of video and tiff image?  
> the multimage object could sort of do this, but not so good for 
> live 
> streams+labour intensive.

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